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Stargate SG-1 Articles.

Below are various interviews from UK magazines. They mainly focus on
Richard Dean Anderson and Amanda Tapping or include some comment regarding Sam/Jack.

The Gate that Jack Built [Official Stargate Magazine #14] - archived 13th January 2007

Former star, and executive producer of Stargate SG-1, Richard Dean Anderson was the face of SG-1 for eight seasons. Putting his heart and soul into bringing the irreverent Jack O'Neill to life, Anderson talks exclusively about his reaction to the show's cancellation and his hopes for its future.

A Colonel of Truth [Cult Times Special #41] - archived 4th December 2006

With many stories roaming the internet about the future of Stargate SG-1, we thought we'd track down a woman who'd know what's what: Amanda Tapping.

Jack's Back [TV Zone Special #71] - archived 4th December 2006

A familiar face returns to both Stargate series, but more to one than the other, as Richard Dean Anderson explains...

Woman of Substance [TV Zone Special #71] - archived 4th December 2006

The woman behind Lt Col Samantha Carter chats about helping to break a record, green screens, and her guest role in Stargate Atlantis.

Got Carter [Stargate Official Magazine Yearbook March/April 2006] - archived 4th December 2006

It's been a challenging year for Amanda Tapping - dealing with being a new mother and finding her place back in Stargate SG-1. But for Carter, the actress says, the fun's just beginning...

Coming Home [TV Zone Special #67] - archived 3rd February 2006

Two's company and three is definitely a happy crowd, especially when it comes to Amanda Tapping returning to the SG-1 fold.

Wherefore Art Thou, RDA? [Cult Times Special #35] - archived 18th September 2005

He may be gone from the SGC (bar the occasional drop-in), but Richard Dean Anderson still has plenty going on in his life to keep him busy.

Best of Both Worlds [TV Zone Issue 194] - archived 18th September 2005

Amanda Tapping is back for a ninth season of playing Sam Carter on Stargate SG-1. She talks with Steven Eramo about balancing Carter's battle to save the universe with the joys of motherhood...

Maternal Instinct [TV Zone Special #64] - archived 17th July 2005

Having been absent earlier this season, Sam Carter is once again back in the SG-1 fold. However, as actress Amanda Tapping explains, both she and her character have undergone a bit of a change.

Regener-Gate! [Cult Times Issue #117] - archived 21st May 2005

"I have to say that the segment of the fan base known as 'shippers' may be a little disappointed with Season Nine..."

Unrequited Love [TV Zone Stargate Special #61] - archived February 2nd 2005

Amanda Tapping talks about the Sam/Jack relationship.

Sam I Am [TV Zone Stargate Special #61] - archived February 2nd 2005

Life takes some serious turns this season for Sam Carter. Amanda Tapping talks about that and more, including an upcoming special event in her own life.

General Outlook [TV Zone Stargate Special #61] - archived February 2nd 2005

The future did not look too bright for Jack O'Neill at the start of Season Eight, but he bounced back and straight into a promotion! Richard Dean Anderson gives an update on how his character is doing...

Command Prompt [Cult Times Special, #31] - archived January 10th 2005

He needs a bit of help to get his memory going, but if there's one thing Richard Dean Anderson knows by now, it's how to play former Colonel now General Jack O'Neill. We dropped by to check out his new office.

Amanda Hug 'n' Kiss [Cult Times, Issue 111] - archived November 22nd 2004

Amanda Tapping, major star (well, okay, colonel now, but that didn't work so well) of Stargate SG-1 talks about clothes and the lack of them and what's coming up in Season Eight.

Gate Keeper [Dreamwatch, Issue 122] - archived November 22nd 2004

After leading SG-1's exploration of the galaxy for seven years, Jack O'Neill is returning to Earth to take charge of the entire Stargate programme in season eight of Stargate SG-1. As the new season receives its UK TV debut on Sky One, Richard Dean Anderson tells Ian Spelling what his character's new assignment means for the series...

Star Command [Dreamwatch, Issue 120] - archived November 22nd 2004

The world's greatest team of Gate-crashing explorers has a new leader in the eighth season on Stargate SG-1. The show's leading lady, Amanda Tapping, talks to Sharon Gosling about Sam Carter's promotion...

SFX Article [August 2004] - archived November 22nd 2004

SFX salutes newly promoted Air Force officer Samantha Carter, Stargate's very own wonder woman.

We Love Amanda in Uniform [Cult Times Special #30] - archived June 6th 2004

It may be her eighth year investigating the deepest recesses of the galaxy with Stargate SG-1, but Amanda Tapping has found a new way to keep interested: a promotion......

Top 10 Feisty Females [Cult Times Special #30] - archived 6th June 2004

'Future Prospects' is of particular interest to Sam/Jack fans :-)

Star Makers [Dreamwatch Issue 116] - archived 30th March 2004

As the eighth season of Stargate SG-1 enters production alongside its first live-action spin-off series, Stargate Atlantis, co-executive producers Paul Mullie and Joseph Mallozzi give Dreamwatch's Sharon Gosling an exclusive preview of the Stargate franchise's latest offerings...

Richard Dean Anderson [SFX Issue 116] - archived 20th March 2004

Both SG-1 and Colonel Jack O'Neill himself are back for an eighth, but final, season... Words: Paul Simpson

Damian Kindler on Grace [TV Zone Special 55] - archived 22nd February 2004

"Carter has this amazingly intimate moment with Jack O'Neill - or at least the image of O'Neill that appears before her - and Amanda pulls it off beautifully."

David DeLuise on Chimera [TV Zone Special 55] -archived 22nd February 2004

"I know there are quite a few viewers out there who don't want her [Sam] to be with anyone except Colonel O'Neill."

Strength of Character [TV Zone Special 55] - archived 22nd February 2004

It's all go for Stargate's Amanda Tapping and she takes Steven Eramo along for the ride...

Soldiering Ahead [TV Zone Special 55] - archived 22nd February 2004

Stargate SG-1's leading man Richard Dean Anderson sits down with Steven Eramo and looks back at the show's seventh season and ponders what's ahead for Year Eight.

Major Player [TV Zone Issue 172]- Archived 31st January 2004

For Amanda Tapping's character, Major Samantha Carter, love is in the air, as she tells Steve Eramo...

The Gate Beyond [SFX Issue 114] - Archived 28th January 2004

Paul Simpson pays a visit to the set of Stargate SG-1 to find out what's in store for our intrepid heroes, now the show has an eighth year to look forward to...

Heroes Worship [Dreamwatch Issue 113] - Archived 11th January 2004

Amanda Tapping discusses the pivotal seventh season Stargate SG-1 adventure Heroes - and the departure of a semi-regular character...

Amanda For All Seasons [Dreamwatch Issue 113] - Archived 11th January 2004

Love! Death! Three-inch heels! Stargate SG-1's leading lady AMANDA TAPPING, otherwise known as Major Samantha Carter, discusses the highlights of the show's seventh season and tells Sharon Gosling why she's looking forward to an eighth year of adventures with SG-1...

Dean There, Done That [Cult Times Issue 100] - Archived 11th January 2004

Richard Dean Anderson's life is a happy one: plenty of time to spend with his daughter and to go skiing, and employed by a show he loves. If only he could remember anything about - what's it called? Stargate SG-1...

Through the Looking Glass [Dreamwatch Issue 112] - Archived 1st December 2003

Despite reducing his involvement in the series' seventh season, RICHARD DEAN ANDERSON continues to lead humanity's exploration of the galaxy as Colonel Jack O'Neill in STARGATE SG-1 - and he's just signed up for an eighth year of adventures. The popular actor considers what the future might hold for O'Neill and SG-1, and tells Ian Spelling why season seven is right up there with the show's very best years...

Amanda's Army [Starburst, issue 301] - Archived 8th August 2002

For six seasons as Samantha Carter in Stargate SG-1, Amanda Tapping has given this popular series its heart and soul. John Reading meets the actress.

Born Leader [TV Zone Stargate SG-1 Special #52] - Archived 7th August 2003

After the uncertainties of the series' future at the end of Season Six, Richard Dean Anderson is back as Colonel Jack O'Neill...

Major Resource [TV Zone Stargate SG-1 Special #52] - Archived 7th August 2003

Another season, and another chance to discover more about Major Samantha Carter. Will there be romance? And what is the 'Carter Special' gun...?

Tapping Her Potential [Cult Times, issue 95] - Archived 21st July 2003

One of our favourite interview subjects, Amanda Tapping, reveals the true power of a woman, especially when working on Stargate SG-1...

Amanda Tapping [SFX, issue 106] - Archived 27th June 2003

If you ever visit the Stargate set, be prepared to kick off your shoes and relax.

Seventh Heaven [SFX, issue 105] - Archived June '03

Stargate SG-1 is returning for its seventh year and things are looking good, as Paul Simpson discovers when he visits the set...

Play it Again, Sam [Dreamwatch, issue 106] - Archived June '03

Back on duty for a seventh season, STARGATE SG-1 star AMANDA TAPPING - alias Samantha Carter - is stepping behind the camera. Words: Ian Spelling.

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