Damian Kindler on Grace

Although there is resolution at the end of Grace, its writer Damian Kindler admits to holding back one or two pieces of the puzzle. "It's very much a closed-door mystery. You never really find out what happened in the epic sense," notes the producer. "That's because you tend to stay quite wrapped up with Carter and Amanda Tapping is deserving of the attention. She finds these beats that are just so real and deep and takes the viewer to some wonderful places. Carter has this amazingly intimate moment with Jack O'Neill - or at least the image of O'Neill that appears before her - and Amanda pulls it off beautifully.

"Funnily enough, as the episode unfolds her character's crisis becomes less about how the hell do I get out of here and more a question of what the hell have I done with my life. Carter's thinking, 'It took me being stuck alone and thousands of light years from home to start assessing my life up to this point'. It's a real dramatic showcase for her, which I think is great."

Production designer Bridget McGuire had some trepidation prior to the filming of this episode, which is set primarily aboard the Prometheus. "There was this whole buzz going on about 'anti-shippers' and Grace," she recalls. "I thought, 'Oh, no, a group of Internet fans or the members of a Stargate fan club must not like the Prometheus. They don't want SG-1 to be on a spaceship. They'd prefer to see them use the Stargate.' Finally one day I asked the writers about the anti-shippers and they explained to me that the term has to do with relationships between our characters. What a relief," she laughs. "Once I found that out I was all for the Prometheus going for another spin around Deep Space."

TV Zone Special #55

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