David DeLuise on Chimera

First-time Stargate SG-1 guest-star David DeLuise, who plays Sam Carter's new main squeeze Pete Shannon in Chimera, took away nothing but fond memories from the filming of this story. "My first day on set I met the writer of the episode, Damian Kindler," recalls DeLuise. "He's a really cool guy and so easy to talk with, especially when it came to helping me define my character.

"Of course, most of my scenes in the episode are with Amanda Tapping. She's such a gracious individual and totally accessible as an actress. Some actors after working for years on a TV series tend not to bother with other people on the job, guest-stars included. Amanda, on the other hand, is never too busy for anyone. It was as if the two of us were doing community theatre, and by that I mean she loves to rehearse. We had instant on-screen chemistry, and that either happens or it doesn't. You can try to fake it but you can't lie to the camera.

"I've got my fingers crossed that Stargate fans don't crucify my character because Sam and Pete do a little making out in the episode," laughs the actor. "I know there are quite a few viewers out there who don't want her to be with anyone except Colonel O'Neill. I would ask those fans to please see it in their hearts that because Sam and Jack are in the military they aren't allowed to be together. So Sam has to find romance somewhere, right? Hopefully, audiences will take a liking to Pete because I'd love nothing more than to go back up to Vancouver next season and play him again, and again, and, oh yeah, again."

TV Zone Special #55

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