Top Ten Feisty Females - Amanda Tapping Number Four

Stargate SG-1

Played by: Amanda Tapping

1997 to present

Why do we love Samantha Carter? Because she's the real deal: none of your unrealistic feats of strength and knowledge, none of your supernatural or otherworldly powers. Just a highly trained, intelligent woman who does her job well and speaks up for what she thinks is right, which is one of the reasons why she's the most enduring (and probably the most endearing) woman in our Top 10. We know she's not really real, you understand. But we kind of wish she was...

EXTRA FEISTY POINTS FOR: Putting up with her Dad turning up at work all the time. It's like being a student at the school where your parents teach - not cool at all, always with the risk of complete and utter embarrassment. Although in Carter's case Dad is also symbiotically linked to an alien intelligence, which is probably cool enough to cancel out the effect.

FUTURE PROSPECTS: She may save the world a few more times and be promoted a few more times, but what we'd really like to see (if the series ever actually ends, that is) is her and O'Neill resigning their commissions and then jetting off into the sunset together.


Cult Times Special #30

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