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Amanda Tapping discusses the pivotal seventh season Stargate SG-1 adventure Heroes - and the departure of a semi-regular character...

Amanda Tapping has no doubt that the mid-seventh season two-parter Heroes is set to be one of the series' most memorable adventures to date. "It's a great showcase for every single member of the cast," she explains. "It was directed by Andy Mikita, who did an amazing job, and it's got every element of Stargate in it. It's a huge drama, it's got a bit of comedy and it's also a great science fiction story.

"It's told from the perspective of a documentarian who comes to do a documentary about the SGC," continues Tapping. "You get to see all the characters out of their element a little bit because they are being interviewed and they don't know how to deal with that! I think that's one of the highlights this year."

Heroes signals the departure of one of the SGC's favourite characters, Doctor Janet Fraiser, played by Tapping's close friend Teryl Rothery. Originally, the producers decided to use the fact that season seven was 'definitely' the show's last year to inject some extra emotion and action by killing off a regular member of the SGC - something that hadn't occurred in the show's entire run, barring Daniel Jackson's brief otherworldly hiatus. But then, of course, it turned out that seven years wasn't the end for Stargate - and that Rothery could have spent another year on the show. Tapping admits that Rothery's exit wasn't easy to accept.

"It was really weird when I found out," she reveals. "It didn't make sense to me. [Co-producer] Peter DeLuise actually called me into his office and said, 'I feel terrible. This was supposed to be the last season, and we're doing this to Teryl, and now I feel awful about it...' And we were all like, 'Well then, don't do it!' It creates for great drama, but it was also very sad for us, because we didn't believe it was going to happen until they actually did it.

"We all had our memories of sitting with Teryl and talking about it. She's very cool about it, but it's a very weird situation. It's very sad."


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