Unrequited Love

Fans of the Jack O'Neill/Sam Carter relationship will be happy to know that it is once again addressed in the second half of Stargate's eighth season. After all this time, though, Tapping wonders just how important it is in the overall scheme of things. "Obviously there's a chemistry between these two characters and that's always been fun to play," she says. "However, it's become sort of like this mantle we have to wear off. 'Wait, what about Jack? But, wait, what about Sam?'

"Yes, it's a wonderful thing and there's a clear acknowledgement of the fact that these two people feel something for each other, but I just wish it didn't always keep coming back to that, do you know what I mean? I'm so proud of the person that the writers have made Sam. She's become a great woman. I really like Sam and I don't want her to be just Jack's gal, and I don't think Rick wants it either. We're developing these characters in such a way that they're becoming more and more real.

"They've had their loves and losses and all that makes them more accessible to the viewer. There's so much more to each of them, and they shouldn't be defined by one single aspect of their being."


TV Zone Stargate Special #61

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