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Sam/Jack Music Videos.

Videos are in order of posting. To download, right click and 'Save Target As...'.

Amazed by Lonestar :: June 2002

My first Sam/Jack music video - 2.93 mb.

Once in a Blue Moon by Sydney Forest :: July 2002

Based on the episode 'A Hundred Days' - 2.77 mb.

When You Love Someone by Bryan Adams :: November 2002

When season 5 originally aired it was my least favourite of the SG1 seasons. Somehow it became a challenge to see if I could create a video using clips mostly from those episodes. The result was this video, based on season 5 and part of season 6 - 2.66 mb.

Maybe by Enrique Iglesias :: April 2003

A 2010/2001 video from Jack's POV - 8.12 mb.

The Safest Place by LeAnn Rimes :: March 2004

Spoilers up to and including 'The Lost City' - 18 mb or watch on YouTube.

Right Here Waiting by Richard Marx :: October 2005

Spoilers up to and including 'Moebius' - 20.3mb or watch on YouTube.

I Wanna by The All American Rejects :: August 2009

21.9 mb or watch on YouTube

Alone by Celine Dion :: October 2009

18.2 mb or watch on YouTube

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