Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

By Diane

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As the tingling sensation of the transporter beam wore off and his vision cleared, Chakotay looked towards the young ensign at the controls. Stepping down from the padd, he smiled and nodded at the young man before eagerly heading for the doors.

He had just returned from Manon, a highly populated planet Voyager had encountered only a few short days before. The crew and the inhabitants of Manon had immediately built a rapport, for once, word of Voyager's good deeds travelling faster than the often believed bad. The people of Manon were a highly developed race, holding space exploration in similar regard as the Federation, and were well known and liked throughout the sector.

He and the Captain had spent the entire previous day exchanging cultural information with two Manon Ambassadors and had, for once, thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Though most of the day had been spent together, during a quiet moment with the younger Ambassador, Chakotay had discovered a side of this race that was legendary in this area of space, and one he knew the Captain would love. The Manons lived on coffee. Well, something very similar anyway. And he didn't know how, but Kathryn had not yet picked up on it.

As Chakotay walked with determination down Voyager's corridors, he smiled to himself as he thought of the package he held in his right hand. Wanting to surprise her, he had put his morning off to good use. Ambassador Tryne had quickly relayed the coordinates of one of his favourite coffee outlets and so the morning had been spent browsing through the numerous items available.

Checking her location with the computer, Chakotay headed towards the bridge and her ready room. Nodding politely to the crew on the bridge, he walked straight for the ready room doors, pointedly ignoring the inquisitive glances they threw his way and the rather large package he held.

He didn't have long to wait before the doors opened, and he entered to find her sitting at her desk, eyes fixed on the padd she held.

"Hello Captain," he greeted her, a smile lighting his face at the sight of his Captain. Sitting there in civvies, an unusual occurrence in itself, she reminded him more of the Kathryn he felt privileged to know off duty, rather than the invincible Captain that was so often on display.

Eventually, tearing her gaze from the padd, she met his eyes and smiled in return. However, her gaze soon dropped to the bulging package in the Commander's hand, eyes widening, her curiosity piqued.

"Been doing a little shopping Chakotay?" she asked cheerfully as he settled the package on her desk. Chakotay grinned as she provided the perfect opening for him, and at her inability to put off the inevitable.

"You could say that," he began, but paused, unable to resist teasing her just a little.

She placed the padd on the desk, eyes sneaking a peak at the package, desperately trying not to rise to the bait he had perfectly laid out before her. She knew, that he knew, exactly what he was doing.

Watching him as he sat down across from her, she expected him to continue, but when it became clear he wouldn't, she reached for the padd and wiped an imaginary smudge from the surface. When he still didn't continue, she pushed it aside and switched off the computer.

Unable to wait much longer, she looked back at him, eyebrow raised, only to be met with an infuriatingly calm face looking back at her. Biting her tongue, she picked up the nearly empty coffee cup and raised it to her lips. Her eyes never leaving his, she watched him over the rim of the cup. He was relaxed, perfectly as ease and comfortably settled into the chair, watching her with a patience she knew she could never out last.

Draining the final luke warm dregs from the bottom, unable to take the suspense any longer, she dropped the cup to the desk and threw her hands into the air in exasperation. "Okay Chakotay, you know I'll never last. What is it?"

"What's what?" he continued with the teasing, sporting an unbelievably straight face.

Standing and placing her hands palm down on the desk, she said, "You know what. What's in the package?" As she spoke, her voice dropped and her blue eyes narrowed to slits, her body leaning further over the desk. A menacing pose indeed if it hadn't been Chakotay on the receiving end.

At the picture she presented, Chakotay's mask finally deserted him, and a wide grin broke onto his face, the well known dimples making a welcome appearance.

Vacating the chair as she walked round the desk to stand beside him, he came face to face with her, and leaned closer than was usual between a Captain and First Officer.

"It's a present..for you." He watched closely for a reaction and wasn't disappointed. Her whole appearance softened, her body relaxing, almost melting into him.

"For me?" she asked, touched by the gesture.

"Yes, I discovered a little something about the Manons yesterday I think you'll like. I got these today, just to get you started."

Her arched eyebrow showed she was intrigued and confirmed she had no knowledge of her and the Manon's common love.

The fingers nearest the bag twitched in anticipation, wanting nothing more than to reach out and tear the wrapping apart to reveal what was hidden inside.

Seeing the almost desperate plea written across her face, he finally conceded and said, "Well, on you go," indicating that she could open it.

The words had barely left his mouth, before her eager fingers reached out to the package. It was a fairly large type sack, about the size of type G container, wrapped in a soft deep maroon material, tied tightly at the top with a gold ribbon.

Kathryn pulled it to the very edge of the desk and stood directly in front of it, eyes raking over it. Her inquisitive hands moved to poke and prod, squeezing and pushing here and there, trying to glean any information about what the mysterious present could be. It didn't appear to have a consistent shape, the sides moving and changing at the slightest provocation, but still proved to be fairly heavy when she attempted to lift it.

She looked up at Chakotay, who was unable to hide his amusement, her expression clearly showing she had no idea what he had bought.

"Kathryn," he laughed, "You need to open it to find out what it is."

Laughing along with him, she hastily untied the ribbon at the top and let the material fall to the desk.

Inside, were numerous small transparent packets, each containing what looked to Kathryn like chocolates. Picking up the one nearest the top, she pulled the ends apart to open it.

Immediately, a strong but oh so familiar odour wafted up to her and filled the air with its sweet aroma. Kathryn's eyes widened as she recognised the scent, eyes glazing over at the very thought of what that entire sack contained. She lifted the bag closer to her nose, inhaling deeply, the scent almost overpowering.

"Coffee beans," she breathed, struck dumb at the gold mine, or rather coffee mine, she had just stumbled upon.

"Not just coffee beans Kathryn," Chakotay began, "But chocolate covered coffee beans," stressing the chocolate as he said it.

Taking advantage of her momentary lapse of concentration, Chakotay placed two fingers in the small packet she held and retrieved one coffee bean covered in smooth dark chocolate.

Her eyes followed the path his hand took, wondering what he would do with the bean. As he began to lift it slowly to his mouth, her eyes continued to follow, mouth opening in anticipation. But instead of taking it in his own mouth, Chakotay placed it between Kathryn's dry lips, her eyes opening like saucers.

Finally she drew the bean into her mouth, rolling her tongue over the smooth layer of chocolate, dragging her teeth from one end to the other. Unable to withstand the anticipation any longer, she sank her teeth through the chocolate layer and into the bean itself. With the corresponding crunch, a whole world of sensation overcame her, and her eyes rolled upward then closed in pure pleasure. For the moment, her whole world was centered on that chocolate covered coffee bean and the sheer bliss it provided.

Savouring the unique taste while she could, having gone too long without it, she was far too engrossed to notice the emotions that flashed across Chakotay's face, or the look that entered his eyes.

Finally she swallowed, but her tongue continued to work, probing every corner then the roof of her mouth, in an effort to prolong the pleasure.

Licking her lips, she slowly opened her eyes and sighed. After seven years of replicated coffee and coffee substitute, this almost made up for it.

But her breath caught in her throat when she saw the look in Chakotay's eyes. He had been so focussed on watching her, he hadn't noticed she had finished the coffee bean. She was now staring right at him, able to see every emotion he had ever felt for her.

And to Kathryn's surprise, when Chakotay realised he had been caught, he didn't retreat, didn't try to hide the emotions on his face. Instead, he ever so slowly moved towards her, closing the distance between them.

"Did you enjoy that Kathryn?" he asked, shocking her with the huskiness of his voice.

"Uh," she stumbled, for once at a loss for words.

'What's happening,' she thought. 'How had they gotten here?' God she couldn't even look him in the eye. For seven years, they had carefully kept away from anything that could possibly remind them of the delicate line they had intentionally drawn between them. And she had just blown seven years of work all because of her response to a damn chocolate covered coffee bean.

She wondered if he had planned this all along, but all thoughts of asking him soon vanished.

The tension in the room had risen to exponential levels, the chemistry that radiated from them both almost visible. She tried desperately to think of something to do or say that would defuse the situation, bring them back to safe territory. She was unsuccessful.

At the same time Kathryn realised this was not going to end the way every other situation had, Chakotay moved to stand directly in front of her, forcing her to look into his eyes.

Kathryn stared at Chakotay. She willed herself to calm down, to take deep breaths, but the heat emanating from Chakotay's body in waves hit her full force.

Before she could think of any witty response, he pushed the sack as far to the side of the desk as he could, wrapped his hands round her waist and lifted her to the desk. Pushing her legs apart, he inched between them and leaned closer, his hands gliding along the outside of her thighs.

Ever so slowly, his hands began to creep up her body, from her thighs to her waist, moving up her sides, thumbs fleetingly touching the sides of her breasts. Finally, they glided across her back, pulling her closer to him as his warm breath caressed her forehead and his head moved closer to hers.

Closing the distance, he tenderly kissed her forehead and followed the hairline down to her ear. At the soft blow she shivered, her body already trembling from his touch.


She heard the unanswered question and simply replied, "Yes Chakotay."

Following her jaw line, he inched closer to her lips, teasing her with his open mouthed kisses. Impatient, she lifted her hands from his waist and placed them on either side of his face, pulling his lips to hers in a searing first kiss.

The kiss was deep and passionate, more intense than either had dreamed possible. They clung to one another, mouths hungrily seeking the intimate contact. Chakotay's tongue soon pressed against Kathryn's lips seeking entry and immediately she opened her mouth to him and his tongue swept inside. Probing just as Kathryn's had done moments before, he could taste the chocolate and coffee intermingled with her own unique taste.

The first rush of excitement beginning to fade, they slowed to a more leisurely pace, placing a whisper of a kiss on any exposed area of skin they could find. Hands roamed, trying to learn each other through the fabric of their clothing, remembering the areas that brought forth a sigh or a moan.

Wanting to see and feel all of her, Chakotay began a slow removal of Kathryn's clothes. Starting with her loose top, he drew it over her head, then moved lower to the waistband of her trousers. She lifted her hips to aid him, and both were soon left forgotten in a heap on the floor.

"Computer, engage privacy lock." Kathryn sighed the words before the feel of Chakotay's hands on her breasts made every thought disappear from her mind.

While his lips continued to assault her neck, his fingers moved in slow circles around her breasts, getting increasingly closer to their destination. By the time they reached her nipples, they were already painfully erect, the friction of her bra only adding to the sensations coursing through her body.

Before he sent her completely over the edge, she hastily pushed his hands away and removed his clothing, not stopping until he stood completely naked in front of her. She took in the sight of him, bronze skin highlighted under the glare of the ready room lights and firm muscles that she ached to touch.

Chakotay slipped his fingers under the thin straps of her bra, sliding them across her shoulders and down her arms. They locked eyes as he unfastened the bra at the back, dropping it to the floor, soon following it with her panties.

Without the constraint of clothing, they relished the feel of skin on skin, their hands touching and caressing places they never thought they would know.

With Chakotay's hand settled on Kathryn's lower back and her arms wrapped firmly round his neck, they fell to the desk, Chakotay pushing aside the long forgotten coffee cup. Kathryn's legs wrapped round his waist trying to pull him closer, aching to feel him against her. But he wanted to go slowly, teasing her, rubbing his length along her folds.

"Chakotay," she moaned, her body telling her she couldn't wait any longer. Reaching down, she wrapped her fingers round him, trying to urge him closer. At the touch of her warm hand, Chakotay called out her name, knowing he wouldn't last if she continued to touch him in that way. Slowly their bodies moved closer and finally merged, their lips touching in the barest of kisses. Kathryn sighed into his mouth in pleasure as Chakotay let out a deep groan.

Giving her time to adjust, he tenderly wiped a stray lock of hair from her eyes, his thumb rubbing slow circles on her temples. Her hands wandered through his hair before she pulled him once again to meet her lips, at the same time clenching her inner muscles.

Chakotay closed his eyes and was unable to stop another moan escaping him as she repeated it. With a hard thrust, he pushed more fully into her, hoping to distract her. She arched beneath him, her hands gliding down to his backside, trying to push him in deeper.

Chakotay filled her completely, their bodies the perfect match for the other. Soon they began to move, quickly building a rhythm, moving deeper and harder with each thrust. Kathryn unwrapped her feet from round Chakotay's waist and curled them round the edge of the desk, trying to find leverage to bring Chakotay even deeper inside her. Rapidly, they climbed closer and closer to their high, beginning to loose the control that had brought them to this point.

With one more thrust, Kathryn flew over the edge, Chakotay smothering her cry with a deep kiss. He soon followed, the clenching of Kathryn's inner muscles triggering his own release, emptying himself into her.

As he lay atop her, Kathryn's hands continued to roam, rubbing his back as he nestled his head in the crook of her neck. They whispered words of love, shared tender kisses and gentle caresses. Chakotay lifted his head to kiss her shoulder, lips moving to her neck, creating a path to her cheek, moving to find her lips again.

Backing away, he looked at her, lips wet and swollen, hair seductively muffled, and pulled her up with him as he stood.

Before he could say anything, she spoke, surprising him with her words.

You do know I love you, don't you?" she asked, her hands still tenderly running through his hair.

Throwing his arms around her, he held her tightly, almost smothering her in his embrace. Pulling away, he looked into her eyes. "I love you too Kathryn. I always have and I always will."

The End

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