Beneath the Surface
Janeway/Chakotay Fan Fiction.

Below you will find all the fan fiction I have written so far. The stories are in order of posting and are suitable for all unless otherwise indicated. Feedback is very welcome.

Memories of New Earth :: July 2000
An alien world reawakens memories from the past.

Sudden Inspiration :: July 2000
Sometimes, sudden inspiration can have wonderful consequences.

The Perfect Year :: August 2000
As Chakotay carries out his duties, he is reminded of important events from the past year.

New Moon :: Adult :: September 2000
Will an ancient earth custom finally bring Janeway and Chakotay together?

Busted :: October 2000
I'm sure I don't have to tell you what this one is about. :-)

Winter Peace :: November 2000
A Janeway/Chakotay Christmas fic.

Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans :: Adult :: December 2000
When Chakotay brings Kathryn a present, she gets more than she bargained for.

Windows On Their World - A JCUK 2000 Fan Fic Advent Calendar :: December 2000
These are my contributions to the JCUK fan fic advent calendar. I'm afraid I don't have a link to the entire calendar.
December 19th & December 23rd

Shattered Barriers :: Adult :: February 2001

An episode addition to 'Shattered'. Chakotay wonders how Kathryn knew where he keeps the cider, so confronts her when he comes back with a second bottle.This story won first place in the second Voyager Blue Alert Competition.

The Dance :: February 2001

After hours of tiring negotiations on an alien world, Chakotay hopes for a dance with Kathryn when they are invited to a celebration.

J/C Limericks :: March 2001
Some J/C Limericks I wrote a while ago.

Second Chances :: March 2001 :: Incomplete
After an attack on the ship, Kathryn and Chakotay are thrust into a familiar situation.
Part 1 & Part 2

All Roads Lead :: April 2001

Coming back to her quarters after a tiring day, Kathryn can't help but think about the roads she has travelled and where they have led her.

Window of Opportunity :: May 2001

Episode addition to 'Critical Care'. Tuvok tells Kathryn and Chakotay exactly how the scene on the bridge should have gone.

Touchstone :: July 2001
Chakotay has a special gift for Kathryn.

JCUK 2001 Advent Calendar :: December 2001

Count down the days to Christmas with JCUK's 2001 Advent Calendar. I'm afraid I don't have a link to the rest of the calendar.My contribution is December 4th

Tricks of Time :: January 2002

While visiting an alien world, an accident leaves Kathryn experiencing the same few hours over and over again. Inspired by a line from the Stargate SG1 episode 'Window of Opportunity'.

Hypothetically Speaking :: February 2002
Chakotay decides to do something about this 'thing' between himself and Kathryn.

As Time Goes By - The JCUK 2002 Advent Calendar :: December 2002

An account of Kathryn and Chakotay's Christmases from 2370 to 2403. Use the link above to find the entire calendar. My contributions are 2386 and 2393.

The JCUK Advent Calendar 2003 :: December 2003

What If...? What would have happened if Christmas had fallen during certain episodes of Voyager? Use the above link to find the entire calendar. I wrote about Christmas during the episodes Basics (December 4th) and Unimatrix Zero (December 20th).

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